The engineering team is made up of four disciplines Process, Mechanical, E+I and Piping/layouts. They are a dedicated group of staff employees who have many years’ experience in the oil and gas process and production equipment markets. They work extremely closely with the design and manufacturing teams to ensure that the designed product is transposed into working engineering drawing and documents. These are used to ensure that the equipment is manufactured quickly and efficiently in our own workshop in accordance with the clients initial design philosophy.

The results from the above contribute to safe design practices being incorporated within future package design principles. We have participated in a number of design verification exercises and can supply our equipment fully in accordance with PED / ATEX and other latest industry standards.

All designs are fully documented and supplied to supplement the main pressure envelope design case. Structural and pipe stress design also takes place in-house which both reduces interface issues and simplifies the transition into the development of detail drawings for fabrication. The philosophy being to provide fully pre-assembled modular or skidded units, pre tested and ready for installation and hook-up with a minimum of work undertaken in the topside yard.
Dedicated project teams are assigned to large or small contracts.